Blog Delusions

This blog, of mostly self indulgent animal pictures, has been in existence for over a year now and has become one of the main components of my daily life. It is with some time on my hands, while my Wild South London Mobile (car) is in for its annual MOT failing, that I feel a reflection is due.

I started this blog for several delusional reasons:

  • someone will pay me to take photographs
  • someone will pay me to write about equipment
  • someone will pay me
  • somewhere to post self indulgent animal pictures

At least one of these came off (item 4 incase there was any confusion), with the other three now a distant fantasy, like many of my other hair brained schemes. I’ve had a lot of schemes in my time, some of which might have taken off if I had any sort of business head. I’m an ideasman not a businessman, and unless you’re a bit of both… that means approximately nothing.

Well, all of this was the case until recently when I was invited to a ‘Wildlife Masterclass’. My initial reaction was that a ‘Wildlife Masterclass’ is not a thing and that someone was having me on. I skeptically probed for more information and discovered it was a photography day, organised by Panasonic to promote one of their cameras. I would have been given a brand new camera and behind the scenes access to The British Wildlife Centre, as long as I wrote about how much I loved the camera. This would have been great, except blogging is not my job. I have an actual job as a teacher, and can’t abandon a school full of children in the middle of the week. My conscience couldn’t cope.

Although I haven’t achieved any sort of financial gain from my writing and photography, I love it. Blogging, for me anyway, is about sharing experiences that make me happier. If others can gain a bit of that through reading it, then great. Having said that, as I wait for the phone to ring with bad news from the garage, I’m still holding out for items 1,2 and 3 on the list.


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One thought on “Blog Delusions

  1. Doing better than me Will, I’ve been offered the square root of bugger all in all the time I’ve been blogging. But it’s more than made up for by the non commercial benefits (and is cheaper than buying journals)

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