About me, and this blog.



My Name is Will. I’m a writer, photographer and aspiring adventurer. In my day job I’m a teacher. I love exploring nature and finding new, interesting ways to look at the world. I’ve always had itchy feet. After leaving college I travelled for three years, meeting people and experiencing new things. What I realised a few years later, was that going far away from home does not an adventure make. To have an adventure, all you need is perspective.

Have you been to every corner of your local woods? Do you know what happens in your local park after dark? This blog is about finding adventure in everyday life and being able to experience new things without needing to buy plane tickets or set months aside for long, expensive expeditions.

Hopefully my writing and photography illustrates just how easy it is to have an adventure wherever you are in the world. Here are a few photographs of me, on such adventures.






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