Good Books

I often get my ideas from the books I read. Here are a few of my favourites. 

A Walk In The Woods – by Bill Bryson 

Bryson is hilarious as ever and this is the most inspiring book for those of you who might feel that you’re not fit enough or adventurous enough to take on something big.


Microadventures – by Alastair Humphreys 

This is my current bible, handbook and guide. The best thing about Humphreys’ book is that the ideas are so easily adaptable. You read one of his adventures and suddenly think of ten new ones that suit your appetite! 


The Walker’s Guide To Outdoor Clues & Signs – by Tristan Gooley

This is a great book to dip into for tips on what to look for when out and about. It is like walking around with a complete know it all, but you don’t have to listen to them.


Few and Far Between – by Charlie Elder

This book is beautifully written and fills me with the spirit of adventure every time I pick it up. What appeals to me most about this book is how the adventures are so special, yet don’t require money or equipment. All you need is patience. 


The Adventurer’s Handbook – Mick Conefrey

The advice in this book is not particularly relevant to urban adventures, or even modern day adventures, but it is an entertaining read. Conefrey highlights the genius and the mistakes of the greats, while dropping in some timeless advice on how to deal with a charging elephant. It’s a great book for building bravado prior to heading out the front door.