Wild Places

Here are just some of the wild places I like to visit and a hint as to what you might see there:

Richmond Park – Deer, Parakeets and all sorts of water birds on the lake.

Nunhead Cemetery – All sorts of birds and butterflies, and foxes too according to Mr Chris Packham!

South Norwood Nature Reserve – Cormorants, Herons, Black Headed Gulls, Canada Geese and Ducks.

South Norwood Lake – Parakeets that nest on the island, Great Crested Grebe, Geese and Ducks.

Crystal Palace Park – Rats, Squirrels, Herons, Parakeets and plenty of Ducks and Geese. I also saw a young Jay in the woods here.

Mitcham Common – Birds of prey, Parakeets, Magpies, Herons and other water birds.

Horniman Museum & Gardens – Great museum full of skeletons! In the garden… bees, hornets, butterflies and birds.