Thirty Days Wild – Highlights

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can take you there.’ – Lewis Carroll

I don’t write a diary, but for the past month I have been writing everyday about my encounters with nature. Although I already write here fairly regularly, through this daily ritual, I’ve forced myself to learn new things and have new experiences. I’ve learnt to identify at least four different, yet similar, bumblebee species. I can recognise different clouds and tell you what they mean for the weather. Learning new things is always a pleasure, especially when you’re able to pass some of them on. The most enjoyable part of this month, however, has been connecting with other people who see the world through eyes like mine.

Below are some of the most interesting things (to me anyway) I’ve packed into my thirty days, followed by an interview… with myself.

Balancing stones by the sea

This was the first day of June, in bright sunshine and the bluest sky. We walked to a hidden cove, stacked rocks and even jumped in the sea.

A virtual tour of my patch.  

Come to think of it, perhaps one of the best things about June, for me, was that it encouraged me to take more film. This is a video I took in South Norwood Lake.

The Little Bob saga.

For those of you who missed it, I briefly looked after a little goldfinch named Bob.

Meeting real wildlife heroes.

I was lucky enough to visit and speak to the wonderful people at Folly Wildlife Rescue. I spent a few hours with them, observing their amazing work. While I was there a young deer with a suspected gunshot wound was delivered to them. It is non-stop at Folly!

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Braving the rain. 

I decided not to take shelter, but instead to seek out the rain to take some pretty photos. I loved looking at the rain through new eyes.


In the dark of night. 

Again, darkness is something I usually avoid in my photography, but the full moon provided me with my subject. I may not have seen bats, but I did get to see the moon in great detail.


Observing urban nests. 

The pigeon nest on my brother’s balcony is one of the most fascinating things in my life right now.


Writing poetry. 

I love an excuse to write some poetry. This little two minute job has become one of my favourites.

image2 (3)

Gulls behaving naturally. 

I actually think that watching the gulls in Hastings last weekend, was one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. I had no idea about their mussel fishing routine, and to see them all at it was amazing.

IMG_9381 - Version 2

Post 30 Days Wild Interview… with myself


Top wildlife sighting in June?

The best things I saw this month were little owl chicks and foxes.

Top wild act?

I really enjoyed my woodland workout, but I think jumping in the sea on day one was the wildest.

Do it again?

Of course, but perhaps just one blog a week next year! I don’t think my subscribers can take much more of this.

Moving forward?

I think what I’ll take away from the last thirty days is the joy of being part of the naturalist community. There’s no better feeling than encouraging someone (successfully) to connect with nature. I think in light of the recent political fiasco, it is now more important than ever to champion projects to protect our environment.

Have you been getting wild this month? What has been your wildest moment?

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