Twenty-One Days Wild – Pressing Flowers

There are some things I never thought I’d find myself doing. Flower pressing had to be pretty high on that list. I spent around an hour, possibly more, sat in traffic today on my way home from work. I watched a few pigeons. By the time I finally got home, I didn’t really feel like going anywhere, so I thought about something arty I could do to relax, while ticking off another act of wildness.

Sketch a wild landscape – done.

Write a wild poem – done.

Press some flowers – bingo.

I picked one of each flower that grows around the entrance to my building, not taking too much from the bees who were busy working. Obviously, you can press flowers by just plonking them in a heavy book and leaving them for ages, but I’m impatient. Google told me I could iron them, achieving the same results in a few seconds.

Step OneChoose some flowers 

I chose the geraniums, popular with the bees, and some other flowers I don’t know the names of. I started to sketch them, but quickly gave up.

image3 (1)

Step TwoPut them between some absorbent paper 

The internet told me not to use kitchen roll… but what do they know?

image4 (1)

Step ThreeIron for a bit

The guidance was to hold it still for 10-15 seconds, but my paper started to burn, so I moved the iron around like I was ironing my shirt.


Step Four Marvel at your flat flowers

As you’d imagine, they were pretty flat. They were also quite stuck to the paper. I did iron them for around a minute longer than the suggested 10-15 seconds though. 10-15 seconds just felt way too quick, and I was having such a swell time.

image5 (1)

Step Five Put them somewhere and forget about them

What does one do with flowers once they’ve been pressed? I don’t have any pritt stick, so I just put them in a book, shut the book and will probably do some swearing when I open that book in the future and bits of flower fall all over the floor.


The verdict? I thought it might be one of those things that you think will be dull, and then it’s actually really interesting… but it was just really dull. I also think I did a pretty rubbish job and they looked better before I flattened them!

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