Eighteen Days Wild – Howl at The Moon

Eighteen days into this #30DaysWild challenge feels like a long time. Infact, I can’t really remember what life was like before I started searching for new ways to connect with nature. Well I managed to get this far without venturing into the wild night, so into the night I went.

There are bat boxes in South Norwood nature reserve, so one would assume there are also bats. Google told me I could see at least four different species of bat there. I thought the lake would be a good spot to watch them, as they would be swooping over the water at dusk.

I reached the lake in the dying light, as the remnants of the day poured reddish orange hues over the trees. I love the night sky in the city. Even though devoid of stars, the colours are always dramatic.


I saw silhouettes bombing and swooping the water just as I’d imagined they would be. I was momentarily disappointed when I realised they were swifts, not bats. Then I just decided to enjoy watching the swifts instead. They circled round and round the lake, dipping low to catch insects. Swifts are unpredictable flyers, changing direction often and darting from point to point. Needless to say, they’re pretty hard to photograph, especially in the dark.




By the time I’d finished watching the swifts, the light had completely gone. A dim red glow reflected off the water. Like I said before, city skies can be pretty too.



I went for a short walk, but the bats were nowhere to be seen. Still, it was nice to be out in the dark, listening to the night birds. As I turned away from the lake, a full moon appeared from behind a wisp of cloud. There was nothing left to do but howl.


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