Seventeen Days Wild – What if?

What if humans suddenly disappeared?

I often wonder about this. If humans were to suddenly disappear, who would assume our position at the top of the food chain? A goldfish in a small bowl will always be small, but the same fish in the wild would grow to be much bigger. Animals grow to their environment and adapt accordingly.

Say this was to happen at the exact moment that all cages were left unlocked, zoos would empty and captive animals would take to the streets. Lions and tigers would see off a lot of the less arboreal animals, but they would soon run out of food and die off. Urban environments don’t have herds of wildebeest for them to hunt.

It seems to me that apes and other primates would thrive, which I suppose would start the evolutionary cycle all over again until, in a few million years, another species similar to us was back on top.

I drew the first days of this takeover.

What If?

I call this ‘Planet of The Apes’

Oh, wait…

An interesting article on this subject: Feral Cities – Nat Geo

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