Fifteen Days Wild – Learn a Bug

I bought some dirt cheap macro extender tubes for my camera, so that I can get up close and personal with some insects, if they’ll allow me. I don’t really know how to use them, so I took them out to a geranium that grows just outside my flat.



I was busy trying to take pictures of flowers and bees, to illustrate the ID skills I learnt yesterday. For example:


Here you can see the buff ring at the top of the tail, showing that this is a male Buff-tailed Bumblebee. Without the buff ring, it would be a White-tailed Bumble.

Then, something flew in front of my lens that scared the life out of me. Have you ever seen a Tiger Cranefly up close? Their faces look particularly alien, like something from the film ‘District 9’.

Tiger Cranefly (Nephrotoma flavescens)

Interestingly these wasp coloured aliens live all over the world, except for Australia.



Anyway, I still don’t really know how to use the extender tubes… but I did learn a new bug.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 00.43.34



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