Twelve Days Wild – Rain

When it rains, my normal reaction, like most, is to stay inside, but today I decided to venture into it. I went for a walk in Nunhead Cemetery, one of my favourite South London haunts…

I suppose I usually avoid the rain, as most wildlife tends to retreat deep into the woods making it hard to spot anything. This was no different today. I did see a starling having a great time bathing in a puddle, but other than that and a handful of soggy robins, the birds were only distant songs in the trees.


Rain transforms a woodland. The sounds and smells are different. Leaves catch water droplets, forming hundreds of glistening green chandeliers. Spider webs reveal themselves and sparkle like a thousand tiny diamonds.







Spider’s webs in the rain are my new favourite thing. They look like black holes into another dimension.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 00.43.34



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