Nine Days Wild – Guerrilla Gardening

I woke up this morning, swiped a few times on the 30 Days Wild app and landed on ‘Seed Bombing’. I was probably sold on the cool name more than the activity. If I’d thought about it, and realised that the seed bombs wouldn’t turn into anything until next year, I probably would have swiped a few more times, but I’m glad I didn’t.

“Today shall be about plants,” I thought, as I dug out my botanically patterned shirt. I only have one raucous shirt, but I love it. I keep it for special occasions, and today was one of those. I decided I would have a go, in a very small way, at some guerilla gardening. If you’re not familiar with the concept, watch this brilliant video… but ignore the advert for the cooperative bank.

Here is my five minute foray into guerrilla gardening.

Step One – Buy some seeds. 

I wanted to grow some plants that would attract butterflies to my, otherwise concrete, Crystal Palace carpark. There are a few bushes here and there, but no flowers. I was going to inject some colour into the place like a natural graffitti artist.


Step Two – Choose a patch. 

I choose a patch, right across from my window, where a fox sometimes sits and soaks up the sunshine. It is earthy, gets plenty of light and is currently devoid of colour. The tree that stands behind it is home to pigeons, blackbirds and occasionally goldfinches.


Step Three – Sow the seeds. 

I raked the soil a bit with a trowel and chucked the lot in. I have never done any gardening, so I probably did this step completely wrong, but I prefer to do and then learn about it afterwards. I threw some new soil over the top and gave the whole patch a bit of water.



The whole business took less than five minutes, and if just one flower eventually grows, it will have been worth it. With an hour to spare before Springwatch Unsprung was due to start, I went for a walk to look at some existing flowers and their pollinators.






I hope my guerrilla gardening pays off. To learn more about it, visit

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