Eight Days Wild – The Bookshelf

I have a terrible habit of reading half a book, getting distracted and starting another book. In fact, I’ve currently got four books on the go. There are some books though, that are just too good not to start reading as soon as you get them home, and that is how my pile of half read books keeps growing.

Cock a snook at my bookshelf.


The most read of all my books are my Collins guides. I don’t go more than a day without dipping into one of them.

The first I want to bring to your attention, although I imagine if you’re a birdwatcher you already have it, is The Collins Bird Guide.

A good friend gave me this book, and in doing so started my love of birds. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t pick up this book to check a fact or get a quick ID. It is, by far, the best book on birds that there is. This is the birdwatcher’s Bible.

Next, I give you, the Pocket Guide. There’s nothing like exploring a beach, pond or woodland with one of these in your pocket to give you a quick ID. Sure, you can use google to find out what most species are pretty quickly, but it’s much more satisfying to find it for yourself in a book, complete with some knowledge bombs from the experts.

My mum has an amazing collection of pocket guides and books on every sort of British flora and fauna. In a recent trip home, scouring my dad’s bookshelf, I discovered ancient illustrated books on bird’s eggs and other wildlife, belonging to my grandad. The old books really are the best.

Do you have any weird and wonderful books handed down from a generation when pinning butterflies to boards and pinching bird’s eggs was par for the course?

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2 thoughts on “Eight Days Wild – The Bookshelf

  1. I suspect my shelves look very similar to yours, though I’m pretty good – I always read several books at once but I do always finish them! I love old books – anything Peak District related, natural history or astronomy. I have a beautiful old astro book from 1864, amongst others and last year I picked up a copy of the Transformation of Insects which is still waiting to be read! (That one can be seen in an old blog post – http://roachling.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/the-year-in-books-september.html )

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