Six Days Wild – Little Bob

Ironically, it is Wildlife that is keeping me indoors this week. Some of you may have read my previous blog about the fledgling goldfinch that almost got eaten by my friend’s cat. Well, things have developed and ‘Little Bob’ (previously Silent Bob but he has now started to chirp) is going from strength to strength.

The only worry I have is that Little Bob is becoming very tame. Perhaps he’ll live in a tree nearby when he’s ready to leave. That way he can come and visit whenever he likes. There will always be a space at my feeder for Little Bob.

Bob has spent the evening gobbling bird porridge and mashed up strawberries, while watching Springwatch. They even had a quiz on where you had to identify feathers. It was an easy one tonight because they were Bob’s bloomin’ feathers!

Bob is now giddy with excitement as his stardom soars and he pictures himself on the Springwatch sofa with Chris Packham.

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3 thoughts on “Six Days Wild – Little Bob

  1. We’re currently watching a pair of little lesser spotted flycatcher chicks mature. Lots of chirping and today one of them was building up wing muscles as he perched on the edge of the nest….so cute to watch them grow😊

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