Five Days Wild – Virtual Patch

For the fifth day of my wild month, I want to take you on a virtual tour to one of my favourite spots for ‘wildlifing’, as my brother calls it. South Norwood Lake is a great place. It’s not a dedicated reserve, in fact it’s shared by sailors and fishermen half the time, but it is bursting with wildlife. Being compact, you can see a huge variety of birds in a short wander around the lake’s banks.

Parakeets fill the trees, and the air with their squawking. Great crested grebes nest and display on the water. Coots and their cootlings are everywhere at this time of year. Nests line the water’s edge. Insects and other minibeasts thrive in the wild, long grass that borders the woodland.

A walk around this lake, and it’s small pockets of woodland, is the perfect antidote to hectic urban life.

Where is your favourite place for a nature fix?

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