Three Days Wild – Wonderful World

It’s been a bit grey in London, but that doesn’t stop the wildlife from thriving. I decided, for my third day of finding new ways to connect with nature, I would make a short film, showing some of the wildlife that lives on my doorstep.

I began in South Norwood lake, where I watched parakeets and wrens. I managed to find a tiny wren family feeding on even tinier little caterpillars. Then, I went over to Crystal Palace Park where I found a heron. He was prowling around with the dinosaurs as usual, which made for easy filming. Finally I went to South Norwood Country Park where I saw very little until I was almost at the exit. There is a large nest box attached to a tree, which belongs to a kestrel. Just as I walked past it, the kestrel popped her head out. I watched her fly from tree to tree before popping back into her nest.

Here is the film, complete with a rather amatuer soundtrack by yours truly.


What have you been doing for your 30 days of wildness?

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