Spirit Animal

The concept of the spirit animal comes from Totemistic beliefs, practised by Native Americans. The belief is that every person has a connection to a particular animal and that the animal is a sort of guide or spiritual embodiment of the person. This is the traditional belief, but popular culture has a way of ruining things from time to time, and this is one of those times. A quick internet search on spirit animals throws up more sarcasm than a thirteen year old. Phrases such as ‘Chuck Norris is my spirit animal,’ have rendered the the tradition a joke.

I don’t believe in religion, but I suppose I believe in Karma. It seems that the more good you do, the more good things soon come your way.

I didn’t set out to find my spirit animal, and I think such a pursuit is ridiculous and is hardly likely to bear fruit. The discovery of my spirit animal was purely coincidental, though the coincidence has presented itself so frequently that I find it hard to put down to coincidence alone. My spirit animal is the Jay.

I first saw a Jay the day I wrote my maiden blog post. I was wandering around Crystal Palace Park, completely clueless as to what birds I might see there or what birds would be around at that time of year. I heard a chirping from a bush, peered in and found a young bird in its nest. I didn’t know what the bird was, neither did anyone I asked. Then, none other than Chris Packham, wildlife guru, got in touch and identified the bird as a young jay.

Since that first meeting with a jay, my sightings have been sporadic. In fact, months went past without a single one. Recently however, I have been seeing jays more often, but only ever for a second. It seems that each time I set off on an adventure, or to explore a new nature reserve, I see a jay. They usually fly across the road in front of me and disappear into the hedge, so I only ever catch a glimpse. The significance of all this is that every time I see one, something amazing happens soon after. They are a good omen for me. ‘See a jay, it’s going to be a good day.’ I say that to myself (in my head) when I see them, so as not to look mad. I know the jay is my spirit animal. I wonder if you have one. Perhaps bear this in mind and you might begin to notice yours.


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