A Murmuration of Starlings et al

A conversation at work today led to at least half an hour spent trawling through the internet for the absolute créme de la créme of collective nouns for animals. What I love about these, is that there is no regulation. Most collective nouns are hilarious, and often the ones that have become popular are taken from novels by writers, not zoologists. A collective noun should reflect the behaviour of the grouped animals in question. I thought I’d share ten of my favourite with you.

  1. A Business of Flies 
  2. A Gulp of Swallows
  3. A Rumpus of Baboons
  4. A Company of Widgeons
  5. A Smack of Jellyfish
  6. A Raft of Auks
  7. A Cloud of Bats
  8. A Deceit of Lapwings
  9. A Wisp of Snipe
  10. A Labour of Moles

Go and spend ten minutes finding your own favourites, then slip a few into conversation tomorrow and drop the proverbial mic.

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