Frayed Knots and Wet Socks

Back in London after two weeks on the road for Christmas, we decided to try and keep the adventures going, in spite of the weather. Waking up to bright sunshine, we thought we were in for a nice surprise, but on the drive to Shirley Hills the sky turned very grey and the rain began to pour.

Wet weather gear on, we carried on into the woods. My camera however, stayed in the car to avoid the rain. The following grainy images come courtesy of apple.


We headed over to the rope swing that I treasure so dearly, only to find that someone had tampered with it! Some dastardly villain had lowered the rope to make it child friendly and replaced the solid stick with a pathetic, almost twig like alternative. I thought it best to test it out regardless. It will never be the same.



We headed off into the woods to find a spot to rig a new rope swing. I came equipt with ropes, a knife, a karabiner and even a machete… although the latter was not for making a rope swing. We found a nice spot with a bit of a slope and hooked up a modest swing.





We left it there for others to enjoy/destroy and went in search of more adventure. We decided to play a game of slippery log balance challenge. Catchy title aside, it was quite difficult. I fell off straight away, but Hayley put me to shame with a perfect crossing and neat dismount. She did then trip and tumble down the hill, but that’s another story.







As much as we tried, the woods just weren’t that adventurous… so we bent to their calming persuasion and found a spot for camomile tea. Along the way we selected two sturdy willow sticks that would later become two of the finest walking sticks known to man, after an hour or two of whittling.





Stand by for more adventures featuring this stirling new piece of walking gear.


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