Alice Holt on Rainy Tuesday

Visiting Hampshire for Christmas, we had hoped to get out and explore. Unfortunately, since arriving it hasn’t stopped raining. We got drenched yesterday on a half hour stomp to see a little egret. The egret was worth the weather, but neither Hayley or I fancied spending much more time in the drizzle. Between us we have one waterproof coat and one pair of waterproof trousers, meaning Hayley’s top half is dry and my legs are dry. Together we’re well covered.

We headed to Alice Holt today which is managed by the forestry commission and full of incredibly tall non-native pines. Hayley found a great podium for yoga in the middle of the woods.






We walked for five miles through a butterfly meadow where we found a bouquet of roses strewn on the floor. Seeing a discarded bouquet always starts a mini soap opera of possible scenarios playing in my head.




After battling in the wind and rain for a couple of hours we made it to a cosy pub for lunch. Apparently the sun is going to come out tomorrow so we’re hoping drive to the New Forest, about an hour away. I’m not holding my breath!




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