School Trips Don’t Have To Suck

Today I went to a water treatment facility in Surrey. It doesn’t sound that ‘wildlife’ related… but this place is the bomb! As a teacher, many school trips ring alarm bells of sick bags, wrong shoes, rain, lost children, stuck in traffic… Not this one. Bough Beech has just stolen the top spot for the best school trip in every category. Sorry London Zoo!

The facility sits on a reservoir that shares its lush views with the Kent Wildlife Trust. On the drive down alone I saw a pheasant, a partridge, a kestrel and all manner of wildfowl.

Here is that lush view.



Here are some cool pictures of taps… just because.




If you live in Redhill or the rather large surrounding area, this is where your water comes from! Bough Beech, LOVE it.


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