All The Redheads Out Today

Still reeling from the visual delights of Dungeness, I was reluctant to go exploring today, but I’m glad I did. I wandered about in an unnamed woodland relatively near me. The sun was shining, although I could see every breath I took. Great beams of light burst through the trees, making the leafy carpet glow like lava underfoot. The light was so bright that I almost missed a fox, casually walking towards me down the pathway. The fox obviously didn’t expect any visitors to his woodland on such a cold, crisp day.




The fox saw me but didn’t dash off, instead he just sat there and looked at me for a while. A runner then thundered past sending the fox hurtling into the bushes. I sat and waited for about 20 minutes watching the squirrels, hoping he might come back. He did come back, but so did the god damn runner! I managed to get a terrible blown out shot of the fox just before the runner sent him back into the bushes for good.



Not knowing the name of the woods, I’ve remembered it as Parakeet Wood, after all the rose-ringed parakeets that squawk away in the trees. I spent quite a long time watching them while the sun was still shining.




The sun suddenly disappeared, and what was a nice sunny woodland walk turned into a freezing test of endurance. As I left the woods a firecrest flew past me. I just managed to get a blurry photo of its behind for proof. I had never seen one before. As the title of this post suggests, everything seemed to be red today. The floor, the fox and the firecrest.



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