A Stomp Through South London

The rain stopped! The break in the weather provided the perfect opportunity for a wintery walk through South London’s leafiest parts. The wintery part of it wasn’t really evident though, as at times a t-shirt would have been enough to stay warm! We followed the green chain walk through Crystal Palace and Sydenham.




We had planned to stop at the Horniman Museum for a coffee, but the girl’s machine was broken so we had a couple of beers instead. It had just turned midday, so it’s fine right? We sat amongst screaming children and pigeons, admiring the conservatory.



The second half of the walk is mainly cemeteries, which Hayley isn’t particularly keen on, but we were able to spot a few colourful parakeets. Walking through Brenchley Gardens we stopped to smell the roses which seemed to be out very late. This warm November weather has everything confused, even the flowers.





We decided to add One Tree Hill onto our walk. As we wandered up the steps, through the woods, we were greeted by a bunch of chirping goldcrests. A robin hopped on in front, leading us to the Oak of Honor at the top.



Once at the top we found a man meditating on the old gun platform. Although the sky was cloudy, it was clear and we were able to see all the way to St Paul’s and the city.


We stomped on after taking in the views. We saw a multicoloured tree. As we reached the end of the green chain section, we saw the London Eye in the distance. Sunday adventures are the best.




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