Endangered 10 Challenge for 2016

A new year brings a new challenge. I plan to go in search of Britain’s 10 most endangered species before it’s too late to see them here. Some, I fear, may prove to be quite difficult to find! I look forward to the adventures on which these creatures will lead me, and I look forward to writing them.

1. Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly


This is the only species on the list that I’ve been lucky enough to see and photograph in the wild. Coincidentally, this is the only photograph of my own in this post!

2. Cicada

Common in some parts of Europe, these noisy little chaps are dwindling in the UK.

3. Turtle doves

Having seen their larger cousin, the collared dove only recently, I’m dying to see this extravagantly patterned bird.

4. Cosnard’s Net-winged Beetle

This I’m looking forward to a little less I must admit, but a naturalist should appreciate all nature’s creatures I suppose.

5. Wart-biter Cricket

6. V-moth

7. Bearded False Darkling Beetle

8. Natterjack Toad

9. Hedgehog

I have indeed seen a hedgehog, but not photographed one. Until this year I had never seen a wild hedgehog. On a trip to Cornwall I had a little one run out in front of my car, in the early hours of the morning. Shortly after this I saw a flattened one just down the road. It was a brutal reality check that illustrates the difficulties these wonderful creatures face.

10. Red squirrel

The cream of the crop. I’ll definitely be saving this cheeky little fellow until last.

(Photos not my own, apart from the butterfly.)


8 thoughts on “Endangered 10 Challenge for 2016

    1. Not good at all. Hopefully hedgehogs will be making a comeback after all the publicity they’ve been getting lately. People need to stop buying Pygmies as pets and look after our natives!


  1. That butterfly shot is wow💕
    I’ve seen quite a few of these creatures, but like you not captured them….we had a hedgehog living in the hedge for a while until it got fed up of one of my dogs constantly picking it up and carrying it into the house to show me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks mate. I’m looking forward to it. I expect I’ll only find half of what I’m looking for, but the adventure is bound to take twists and turns!


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