Crystal Palace to Beckenham Place

Another day, another section of the Greenchain Walk. Hayley and I decided to do section 10 of the walk today as we could set off from our flat and bus back from Beckenham Place. As we walked around the lake in the park we spotted an Egyptian goose having a drink, a new one for me.



The walk took us through some parts of Penge we’d never seen, and probably won’t again! Hordes of trick or treaters were marching up to the Bridge House pub for a halloween party. We stuck to the chain which took us past some, ambitiously named, boarded up pubs and a couple of cats.





Somehow we managed to miss a signpost and in doing so missed our railway crossing. Luckily, we checked the map and turned back, but we did see this fancy dangly tree in the process.


Section 10 of the walk is very different to the mainly wooded section 11. This route took us through lots of parks and leafy streets. We spotted a strangely placed, lonely photograph of Audrey Hepburn sitting on the pavement of a particularly affluent street.





We timed the walk pretty well, reaching Beckenham Place Park just as the sun was setting. We looked back through an annoyingly positioned fence to see the Crystal Palace Antenna, our towering navigation point, in the distance. 4 and a bit miles of exploration was a nice way to spend a Saturday. Next stop Eltham Woods.




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