Crystal Palace to Nunhead Cemetery Hike

This morning I set off on a 7 mile hike through South London’s leafiest route, the greenchain walk. The greenchain goes from the Thames to Crystal Palace, connecting all the green spaces. This can vary from a wild wood to a well manicured park or garden. I only tackled section 11 of it today, but I’ll definitely be doing the lot over the next few months.

My walk started off at Crystal Palace station and it wasn’t long before I spotted two jays in the very top of a tree, hence the terrible photographs! Soon after the jays had flown off I saw a heron poised on the old stage by the pond.





I then exited CP park and headed for Sydenham Wells Park, a new one for me. This park felt like walking through someone’s garden and it was clear that the head gardener takes pride in his job! I found a food truck parked in the middle, by the pond. It had a Kernow sticker on it so I thought I ought to take a photograph.






Suddenly I found myself walking up a very steep hill before eventually reaching Sydenham Hill Woods. Having taken photos here just two days ago, I didn’t bother veering off the route and plodded on through to the next place, The Horniman Museum and Gardens. I love the Horniman so I decided to have a quick look in at the taxidermy.





I didn’t stop for long as the museum was rammed. After the Horniman the walk brought me to Camberwell Old Cemetery. I saw a fox here but as usual I was too slow and missed him with the camera! I did however see a perfectly white pigeon, one for the collection, and lots of starlings in the trees making a hell of a racket! I also saw what, at the time, I thought was ‘some funny lookin pigeon’, which turned out to be a collared dove. Result.





Onward I wandered through Brenchley Gardens, One Tree Hill and Camberwell New Cemetery. I saw a cat, although I’m fairly sure he was a domestic one. There was a whole bunch of goldcrests and great tits in the trees as I left the cemetery. One goldcrest gave me the evil eye.






Finally I reached Nunhead Cemetery, where I heard a woodpecker. The trees were so high that even if I had spotted him, he’d have been a mere dot on my camera. I rambled through the cemetery which was surprisingly quiet for a dry half term day. Perhaps people avoid cemeteries around Halloween? Upon finishing section 11 of the Greenchain Walk, I made my way to Brockley station and headed back to Crystal Palace. I saw a hilarious cat outside Brockley Sainsbury’s. I love finding new places. I wonder which the most interesting section of the Greenchain Walk is?







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