Addington Hills – Croydon’s Yosemite

I decided today that I was going to visit four woodlands that I had never been to. My discovery of Addington Hills was entirely accidental. I had planned to start at Sydenham Hill Woods, head over to One Tree Hill, then make the journey over to Croydon to see what it had to offer. I spotted Coombe Woods on a map and knew how to get there so thought that would be a good place to start. I’m still not sure if I was ever in Coombe Woods or whether I missed it… either way I made the far more exciting discovery of Addington Hills from the bottom up.

I trudged through some muddy pathways past a couple of weirdos, who may or may not have been tram spotting if that’s a thing, then suddenly found myself in some sort of valley. The valley turned out to be the very bottom of Addington Hills. The whole woodland was carpeted by orange and brown leaves, making it quite difficult not to get lost. I could get lost on a Roman road, so this was perfect for me. I clambered up one side of the valley and found myself looking down at 360 degree views of Autumnal bliss. I felt pretty stupid for not knowing about it, but it’s nice to still have some surprises around me. I drive past it everyday on my way to work!

Right at the top of the hill is a viewing platform, looking out towards London. As I looked at the Walkie Talkie building I knew where I’d rather be on a Tuesday afternoon! In terms of wildlife, I saw a Jay fly right past me but I was too busy admiring the scenery to take a photograph of him. The tall trees were teaming with blue tits. Just before I left, I saw a sign declaring that lizards live there, so I’ll be making that my next challenge.




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