50 Shades of Feral Pigeon

The feral pigeon is descended from the rock dove. Some pigeons still bear the colours of the rock dove, whereas others have gone off piste with their colour schemes. I’ve always been interested by pigeons. Some years ago a pigeon made its nest on my balcony, underneath the lid of my bbq. I documented the saga with a series of videos which I’ve included in an earlier post here Pigeon Diaries. I had thought I might see the elusive baby pigeon, but unfortunately I had to go away for a weekend and without my loving care, the nest was sabotaged by another bird.

What interests me most of all is the variety in colour of the feral pigeon. All crows are black. All parakeets are identical. Why are feral pigeons so varied? I have set myself a challenge to photograph 50 different ‘looks’ of pigeon. I will add the photographs here as I take them until my collection is complete.

#1 rock dove
#2 losing the light grey
#3 puffed up and proud
#4 two tone
#5 purple pigeon
#6 mottled
#7 cafe au lait
#8 pebble dash pink
#9 monochrome
#10 Jon Snow
#11 Peg Leg
#12 Pigeon Noir
#13 Golden Brown
#14 Bird in the Rough
#15 Dove Imposter

6 thoughts on “50 Shades of Feral Pigeon

    1. Glad you like it! The first 10 were easy… Jon Snow is always there… I’ve photographed him many times. I might need to venture further afield for the next 40!

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