We Grew Some Painted Ladies

Over the past month, my class has been watching as five tiny caterpillars grew and carried out the most amazing transformation. Today we released them in the glorious October sunshine. One of our butterflies emerged with a folded wing, but seemed happy enough to sit on a flower in the sunshine. Who knows, perhaps these five little ladies will find mates, lay eggs and start the lifecycle all over again.

IMG_2576 IMG_2578 IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2589 IMG_2591 IMG_2608IMG_2593 IMG_2600 IMG_2602


4 thoughts on “We Grew Some Painted Ladies

    1. It’s the best! The kids were so gentle with them. We also have a class tortoise, so they’re not strangers to animal care.


    1. It was an awesome assignment for me too! I can’t understand why it’s usually only nursery and reception that do this. Surely KS2 are only just capable of contemplating metamorphosis! I had to perform a small operation live in the classroom to free one of the butterflies from her chrysalis… that was a lesson I hadn’t planned on teaching!

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