Green Woodpecker in Crystal Palace Park

Last week I saw my first woodpecker in Selsdon Wood. Today I saw a green one! I can’t describe how over excited I was. I heard a tapping, turned my head and there on a tree out in the open was a great spotted woodpecker. By the time I’d got my footing and swung my camera into position, the blasted bird had gone round the other side of the tree. Then, I saw a little beak poking up from the grass. I zoomed in on the beak with my 70-300mm lens and there it was, a glorious green peckerwood! I stalked the bird for some time, looking pretty odd I’m sure as the park was quite busy. I managed to get the pictures you’ll see here although I wish I’d managed to get a shot of it flying in focus.

It wasn’t just woodpeckers in CP park today. I’ve never seen quite so many squirrels. One squirrel took a disliking to me and started making what sounded like a crow’s bird call while sat behind me on a tree branch. I don’t know quite what I did to offend the little chap but he wasn’t happy so I moved!

I also took my wide angle lens with me and got a few nice pictures of the park in the sunshine. Hopefully this isn’t the last sun we’ve seen this year!



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