Butterfly, Hoverfly, Blue Sky… Cemetery

Today was a momentous occasion as my wife joined me in my search for wildlife in Nunhead cemetery. She was given the role of chief bird whistler and head butterfly spotter. I was going to give her the role of fox finder… but after a false alarm with a tame golden retriever I kept that one for myself.

The sun was shining this morning so we headed over to Nunhead to hunt down as many species of butterfly as we could find. That turned out to be two. Oh well. We did see some robins, magpies, crows and long-tailed tits too.

We also decided to fill a bag with conkers after I heard a miracle remedy for ridding a house of spiders! Apparently spiders don’t like conkers, so putting them in each corner of each room of your house will keep them away! I know… I’m supposed to like nature. I can appreciate spiders in the wild, but not when they’re in the flat, and especially not when they induce blood curdling screams from my wife until I do something about them!


Father and Son

IMG_1288 IMG_1293 IMG_1300 IMG_1303 IMG_1307 IMG_1315 IMG_1319 IMG_1322 IMG_1343 IMG_1346 IMG_1354


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