A Naturalist by Nurture – The Shetlands

A week ago I was in Cornwall visiting my Parents. Although the weekend was a happy one, filled with fun in the Cornish sun, it was also tinged with sadness as we said goodbye to Peach, our beloved Shetland Pony. Peach was the last of a family of Shetlands that I grew up with, and I really did as they were all older than me!

My mum is responsible for my love of the natural world, and she might say that her mum is responsible for hers.

Me, my Mum and my Gran.

We always had Shetlands. We bred two foals, Rose and Peach who were part of the family for years. I actually remember Rose being born. We also had Goldfinch, who was the matriarch of the family, Greyfoal and Jupiter… the only boy!

Rose, Goldfinch, Jupiter, Peach and Greyfoal.

Peach who sadly passed away on Monday was special. She was the only one of the ponies that we ever rode, and I have never ridden another horse. She had the best temperament and was just as much a family member as me or my brother! My mum, who should have a blog of her own as she knows far more than I do about animals… and pretty much everything, has had to say goodbye to all of these little characters over the years… tough.

My fondest memory of them all was their random, and very wild, races around the field. They would all be munching away on the grass and plodding about as Shetlands do, then suddenly one of them, probably Jupiter would decide to begin a wild-west-esque gallop around the field. These races could last for quite a long time!

These pictures tell more than a thousand words.

Winter Coats for Winter Weather
Me and Peach circa 1992
My Mum, Brother and Gran (Spitfire Annie) with Peach.
My Brother and I with Rose.
My Gran (GangGang to those who know), My Mum and My Brother with Peach.
My Brother with Peach.
Peach as a foal with Goldfinch, her mum.

Now, wipe your tears away… it’s not too sad really. Although we have said goodbye to the last of our little Shetland family, my Mum has a lovely Exmoor Pony called Saffron, who is quite a character, to deal with. If that’s not enough there’s Pearl, the cocker spaniel puppy too! Growing up surrounded by animals and animal lovers has rubbed off on me… naturally.


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