50 Shades of Duck at WWT London

I finally made it to the London WWT Centre in Barnes! Today was the last day in a very long break from work and it was sunny and glorious… for all of an hour or so. The moment it started to rain I was trying to get a decent photograph of two black swans. The closest I’ve come to a black swan before was at the cinema and it involved Natalie Portman in a tutu. Barnes Wetland Centre is bursting with life. As the title of this post suggests, there are a lot of ducks. On my way home I sent my wife a text to say, ‘I’ve seen a lot of ducks today.’ which apple kindly tried to correct for me to something very different, which might have raised some questions! Thanks apple.

The hides around the lakes are great, although I was filled with jealousy as all the old timers seemed to be carrying incredibly expensive, super-long lenses. I could only imagine the shots they would have taken, had they actually used them. This really annoyed me when I was struggling to get a passable photograph of a striking bird on the middle of an island, some 100ft away. I think it was a lapwing, either way it was a new one for me!

The trip was capped off with a fly passed performed by none other than the obligatory South London Parakeets. This was quite poetic for me, seeing as they were the reason I started this six week foray into birding and come tomorrow I will have far less time to sit and watch the world go by, hoping to see an exotic feathered friend.

IMG_0935 IMG_0945  IMG_0955  IMG_0971 IMG_0972 IMG_0973 IMG_0979 IMG_0983 IMG_0989 IMG_0996 IMG_0998-001    IMG_1007 IMG_1014 IMG_1015 IMG_1017 IMG_1028 IMG_1030  IMG_1034  IMG_1055  IMG_1065 IMG_1074  IMG_1078 IMG_1088 IMG_1091  IMG_1100 IMG_1124 IMG_1125 IMG_1145 IMG_1146 IMG_1151 IMG_1157 IMG_1169 IMG_1195 IMG_1207 IMG_1210 IMG_1215   IMG_1252 IMG_1239


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