Buzzards of Mitcham Common

I took a long walk today in search of the large flocks of Parakeets known to roost in the trees around the pub on Mitcham Common. Unfortunately they were all elsewhere today, but all was not lost. I wandered up a hill and noticed a hovering bird of prey. I couldn’t decide whether it was a buzzard or a kestrel… or even something entirely different. The sun prevented my camera lens from seeing its colours. As I tried to focus, it hurled itself to the ground. I ran over to see if I could catch the action, and just managed to photograph the bird as it flew away with its kill.

IMG_8671IMG_8670IMG_8678IMG_8682 IMG_8674 IMG_8681 IMG_8680 IMG_8675 IMG_8665 IMG_8668 IMG_8658 IMG_8686 IMG_8683 IMG_8662 IMG_8661 IMG_8672 IMG_8685 IMG_8660 IMG_8664IMG_8663IMG_8684


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